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Great box, with great energy. Thank you Lexie for a great WOD whenever I’m in Torrance I will definitely pay your box a visit. Thank you to Cheryl for showing me so much Aloha in the true Crossfit spirit!!!
Cristy Tamanaha

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Having time to unwind and reflect back on the weekend, here’s my thoughts about Regionals (sorry it’s long, if you get bored…

Dialing In Your Nutrition

When you see CrossFit athletes with washboard abs and razor sharp muscle definition, it’s easy to make assumptions about how they eat: they must…


If you made it here – all you need to do is one thing: Please watch both videos.  I don’t care if…

Thank you!

Wow – what a weekend! I’m exhausted but so thankful for our gym and community! Just want to say a huge THANK…


Workout of the Day: A. Deadlift 3rm -pull to knee height and return to ground. Come to dead stop and repeat. B.…

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